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Date PublishedHeadline Article
3/26/2020Year End Statistics
7/22/2019Updated TEFRA Approval Process Effective April 1
2/14/2019Year End Statistics
7/27/2018Sales Tax Collections Drop in 2017 with Elimination of Medicald MCO Tax
3/22/2018Year End Statistics
7/6/2017County Sales Tax Revenue Grows, but at a slower rate
2/24/2017Year End Statistics
9/30/2016FAQ: Improved GASB Prension Disclosure Does Not Eliminate Need for Adjustments
5/18/2016Medians - Growing Tax Bases and Stabe Fund Balances Support Sector's Stability
2/1/2016Year End Statistics
11/20/2015Making Financial Disclosurers: A Guide for Issuers
7/25/2015The Great GASB - Fuller Disclosure on Public Bond Issues
4/23/2015CAUV Formula to be Improved
1/26/2015Year End Statistics
11/11/2014Reform Flexibility in Ohio Lessens Pension Stress
7/6/2014U.S. Bond Insurers and the Financial Guarantee Sector Stand at a Crossroads
4/30/2014Financial Disclosures: Protecting Market Access for Issuers
1/23/2014Year End Statistics
10/25/2013Bank Loans and Bond Ratings: What to Disclose?
7/15/2013Pension Reform Legislation a Credit Positive for Ohio Local Governments
1/29/2013Year End Statistics
8/2/2012School District Election Results
5/4/2012The Impact of Economic and Fiscal Pressures on Credit Quality: Using S&P's Proposed Criteria for Rating US Local Governments to Estimate Rating Distributions
2/10/2012Year End Statistics
10/21/2011Ohio School District Credit Quality Expected to Remain Stable for Most Issuers Despite Ongoing Financial Pressurers
5/26/2011GASB 54: How Will it Change Fund Balance Reporting?
2/4/2011Year End Statistics
10/11/2010SEC Amends Rule 15c2-12 Regarding Continuing Disclosure Provisions
3/5/2010Continuing Disclosure Requirment - A Continuing Saga
12/30/2009Recession Tests Even Most Fiscally Disciplined Management Teams
1/29/2009Year End Stastics
8/24/2008Operating Levy and Capital Referenda Election Trends: Recent Cycles Approximate 5 Year Averages, but Future Cycles Could Fac Increasing Failures Due to Economic Conditions
1/31/2008Year End Stastics
11/23/2007Ohio's Municipal Credit Ratings Remain Buoyant Despite Ongoing Pressures
8/8/2007Filing with Disclosure USA
4/24/2007Ohio City and County 2006 Rating Comparsion
1/15/2007OMAC Announces Board of Trustees for 2007
7/31/2006Use & Industry Support of DisclosurerUSA Continues to Grow
4/10/2006Ohio City and County 2005 Rating Comparsion
12/31/2005OMAC Announces Board of Trustees for 2006
10/1/2005Ohio Reforms Tax System - Every Major State Tax changed on July 1st
7/30/2005DisclosureUSA - A Service for Electronic and Paper Filers
4/9/2005Ohio City and County 2004 Ratings Comparision
1/1/2005Continuing Disclosure Tired of Multiple Filings?
10/1/2004New Community Districts Provide Opportunities to Finance Infrastructure Improvements that Stimulate Economic Development
6/6/2004MAC of Texas Designated National CPO by Muni Council
1/1/20042003 November Election Results
1/1/2004Year End Statistics
9/1/2003Tax Increment Financing: Risk vs. Reward
6/1/2003A Comparison of School Districts
3/1/2003Estimated Useful Lives For Captial Assets Infrastructure
12/1/20022002 November Election Results
10/1/2002Trends In Refunding Tax-Exempt Debt
7/1/2002The Role of Financial Advisors in the Ohio Municipal Marketplace
4/30/2002New Financial Reporitng Rule will Ensure Better management Information
12/30/2001Update on Continuing Disclosure in Ohio
10/30/2001Ohio School Facilities Commission: Changes Continue
7/30/2001School District Election Results
4/30/2001Local Government Funds
12/1/2000Bond Financing for Private Schools
9/1/2000Municipal Income Tax Uniformity Legislation Signed Into Law
6/30/2000Benchmark General Obligation Ratios
3/20/2000Local Tax Implications of Public Utility Deregulation
12/30/1999The Economic Outlook
9/30/1999Ohio Tax Levy Law Changes
5/30/1999Ohio School Finacne Litigation
3/30/1999Year 2000 "The Millennuim Bug"

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