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The Ohio Municipal Advisory Council

The Ohio Municipal Advisory Council (OMAC) is a nonprofit corporation created in 1931 to provide municipal market professionals with statistical information relating to Ohio municipal issuers and their securities. Organizations that utilize OMAC products and services include broker-dealers, bond attorneys, banks, financial institutions, nationally recognized municipal rating agencies, municipal advisors, and Ohio State agencies and local governments.

OMAC Products and Services

OMAC Calendar - OMAC compiles a calendar of upcoming bond and note sales and the results of previous sales. OMAC remains a vital source for a complete and comprehensive listing of upcoming sales.

OMAC Research Reports - OMAC provides it's membership access to extensive research reports on all bond and note issues scheduled to be sold competitively in Ohio. In addition to containing all of the bidding particulars, the OMAC research reports also contain all relevant financial, economic and demographic information about the issuer; both current and historical.

OMAC Annual Publications - OMAC makes available a variety of annual publications that include the following:

  • Bonded Debt Schedule - Includes maturity schedules, call features, interest rates, purpose, debt and tax type, and certain other information on all outstanding bond issues in Ohio. This publication includes five digital reports comprised of the following categories:
    • State, County, Municipal, Township, Miscellaneous District, and State University
    • School District
    • Industrial Development
    • Hospital/Health Care
    • Housing
  • Compendium of Municipal Debt - A statement of each subdivision’s indebtedness, listed according to category of debt (revenue, utility, general obligation, or special assessments). It also includes population, net overlapping debt, and the assessed value of each subdivision.
  • Hospital Revenue Report - Includes income and expenses statements, coverage, debt service and debt service reserve fund balances, and call features, including mandatory sinking fund requirements.
  • Public Utility Revenue Report - Includes income and expenses statements, coverage, and debt service and debt service reserve fund balances on all municipally owned and operated utilities.

OMAC's Financial Information Network (ofin)

ofin is that portion of OMAC’s extensive database available to subscribing OMAC members and Ohio governmental issuers of debt, including the State of Ohio. Contained in this database are most of the research reports OMAC has published since 1985, where the security remains outstanding; and the following information on Ohio's political subdivisions:

·        Net debt and net overlapping debt listing;

·        Direct debt and indirect 10 mill limitation schedules;

·        Property tax collections and rates;

·        Assessed valuations, including real estate analysis;

·        Census information (population, income and housing);

·        Highest current taxpayers;

·        Principal and interest schedules;

·        Enterprise utility fund information;

·        Election results;

·        Bond and note issue listing; and

·        Income and sales tax information.

Special Reports - In addition to those items identified above, OMAC also provides the following special products and services:

· Note Listing – includes dated date, maturity date, amount outstanding, debt and tax type, purpose and approving legal opinions for outstanding notes issued by Ohio political subdivisions.

· Election Reports – a pre and post election report listing ballot questions and results for bond issues and property tax, income tax and sales tax levies appearing at the four scheduled Ohio statewide elections and any special elections.

· OMAC Rankings – quarterly reports ranking purchasers of Ohio tax-exempt debt as to the number of issues purchased and the total volume purchased.


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